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February 4, 2010

Module 5 Concept Map

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Module 5 Concept Map

So, here is the link to my Concept Map for Module 5. ConceptMap.Courduff.J

I used Inspiration to complete it and saved it as a .pdf for viewing.

Where do I fit on the spectrum? That depends on which hat I happen to be wearing at the time. As an adjunct for a local university, we use a hybrid model for our courses. When I wear the adjunct hat, I find that I am on the dynamic side of the spectrum. I love this side. Endless possibilities with less hurdles to cross. I am able to “color outside the lines” with celebration.

When I put on my K-8 Instructional Tech Coordinator hat, I find myself on the static side. In fact, in that world, the static side is perceived as “radical” and “innovative”. No wonder K-8 education is so far behind….

That being said, I am encouraged by Roger Everett’s (2003) role of the innovator. This is a person who dreams and goes for the dream without applause, without support, and with great courage. We in Ed Tech are just that. Here’s to the dream.

By the way, I’d love any and all feedback on my ideas and concept map!






  1. Nice work as usual. I love your skills and commitment. Regarding your post, controlled dynamism is definitely more easily realized when working with adult students. It is my sense, however, that it is achievable in K-12 too. It simply requires many more teachers with the skills and commitment as yourself.

    Thanks for the Inspiration website. I’m still not able to embed links yet. Does it have something to do with eblogger?

    Comment by Jesus Berrios — February 11, 2010 @ 3:56 am |Reply

    • Hi Jesus,
      Thanks! It could be eblogger. Each blog site has its strengths and weaknesses. I like this one because it’s pretty user-friendly and I like friends!

      Comment by Jennifer — February 11, 2010 @ 4:38 am |Reply

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